I believe I got hit on the side of my head while playing baseball with my brothers, and that changed my life since on. After that hit the seizures started. My dad was in the service..air force, he was in the service for 25 years. 5 brothers. All living on base.

As a son is , they want to follow in their father's footsteps. Wanted to join the service, no way it would happen. The seizures. At the time I told my dad..I am not going to make it. His son, he said you will be ok. Young at the time. Got upset a lot back then. When my brothers got their license, I wanted mine, could not get them because of my seizures, dad told me don't get jealous, but I did after they got theirs. They all went and entered in the service, not me, they would not let me in, because of my seizures.

They, my family, not my dad, would talk to me as a child because they knew they could. But back to the seizures, I could be walking and before I would know it I would have a seizure. Been on many different kinds of seizure meds. Finally got with the right neurologist who finally found the right meds which would better control my seizures. Thank GOD. Still not able to drive, can drive, had a car sometime back, one of my neurologists said it was ok. But while driving one time had a seizure, ran into a pole, had to get skin graft, had to go to court had license suspended, may have been for the best at the time.

Had a job, had many seizure's, job closed down, I could not work any place else filed for disability. Use to walk to places by myself. No more, a seizure could pop up any time. May be able to drive again some day, if so..GOD is in control. Both parents have passed away, by myself, thank GOD again for my seizure's being under control. Take my meds everyday. And also keeping a clean mind. Nothing that might trigger a seizure. Nope.

Eat right, sleep right, take your meds, keep your neurologist appointments. Keep him up to date.That's all for right now. Got an uncle around. Couple of nieces around, Facebook friends. All you all. Seizure or no seizure, continue taking your meds... EVERYDAY.

Take care

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