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Michelle Barnott

My big achievement happened this year, when I completed a Bsc (hons) Health and Social Care, with The Open University. The degree itself took six years to complete and a lot of hard work. Whilst completing the degree I have had challenges to deal with, one was the loss of my job due to my epilepsy. Following this I went through a tribunal hearing, which I won. After this I got another job on a hospital ward, which I am love, they are brilliant with my epilepsy. During the last two (level three) courses my epilepsy was uncontrolled. Throughout my final course, my seizures where occurring every three days or so, with countless A & E visits and MAU admissions (although this has improved now). I am now so happy now that I have gained the qualification. My graduation took place on the 17th March 2012. And my next achievement, I am looking at working towards another qualification and eventually gain a masters. Best wishes, Michelle Barnott cert PPH (open) Cert Man Care (open) Bsc (hons) Health & Soc care (open)

Michelle Barnott
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