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I found out I had epilepsy when I was 9, so I’ve had it for 11 years now.

It all started out when I was just having blackouts, absence seizures, no-one thought anything of it as my dad blacked out randomly when he was younger. He told me that he thinks I may have got it from him.

So my parents took me to the hospital, and that’s when I found out I have epilepsy I got told I have petite mal.

I had a random fit out of no-where in the middle of town, it was my first one and my mum and sister where terrified, then I didn’t have another one for years. Apart from that my epilepsy was a lot more stable back then than it is now. I have had fits at cheer comps, on holiday, ice skating and school. I think I have a lot more stress in my life now I’m growing up etc. So it’s easier to bring on seizures.

The one thing that upsets me the most about it is driving, at least I got to have one driving lesson, but I had one years free of fits then a driving lesson and then came along the fit. So I just have to keep waiting because the fits just keep re-starting.

I can’t even tell you how things have changed so much over the years, it upsets me just writing about this, having epilepsy rules out a lot of stuff for us.

But I just gotta say that I still think of myself like anybody else, I’ve had it for that long, yes it upsets me, but I only let it when I need to, want to or have to. Otherwise I just put it aside.

I’m on like 5 different tablets morning and night, but I’m on a higher dosage at night because night times when I usually have seizures.

Does anyone else feel like such a child, because they have to be watched on all the time? And feel like they have to bring themselves up to make you feel better?

Thanks for listening

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