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jonathan solomon

For many years I have experienced bouts of depression. I always described it as trying to climb out of a black hole without a ladder!
I feel that on a personal level one of my greatest achievements is changing my attitude towards my life and turning it from a negative to a postive one. I know it sounds strange but ever since I decided to make a positive change about things, my seizures have become less intense and less frequent.
I set my self a new challenge recently which was to concentrate on my physical health. it seems to be going well, I have lost weight and am regularly using the gym.
I am currently involved in 'The Meath Canoe Challenge'. This is a charitable event undertaken by Mike Keighley (CEO of The Meath) and his family. They are raises money and awareness by canoeing from the start of the River Thames in the Cotswolds all the way to Godlaming. I am going to be rowing the last bit with them having trained in the gym for weeks. I am loving this latest challenge and the new improved me!

jonathan solomon
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