Hi - my story started when I was being born. I was very blue and had a difficult birth. My neurologist has explained to me how growing works the stressors and strains in life that can have a late impact. In my later years between leaving school and moving on with my life I was having seemingly like black outs. After seeing a few consultants we found a decent one I was finally diagnosed with temporal lobe in 1992.

I got married in 2004 and have a family of my own. My mum was shocked although she wasnt all that surprised at the same time given the reasoning of the trauma and stress she had encountered during being pregnant with me. I have had to move to a bungalow due to ongoing dangers of staircases having been injured and landing in A and E a few times.

I take Pregabalin and have had an aid adaption fitted to help me be safer in the home when my husband is out and theres noone who is close enough. It's very useful and I am glad I have it. I use a medical card and wear it around my neck where medics and public alike can see that it has info to speak for me when I can't.

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