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Andrew Jackson

One of my achievements as well as recieving my blackbelt which is currently featured on the epilepsy action National Epilepsy Week is starting up the Horncastle Epilepsy Support Group as i will have epilepsy for the rest of my life so i can help others with epilepsy which i have had since the age of three possibly due to having measles.I have been doing lots of media work which has been put in my local newspaper called the Horncastle News of which can be looked at if you put epilepsy into their search and i have appeared on Look north the regional news for Lincolnshire and Yorkshire in May last year of which i appeared on with a friend with epilepsy of which she had suffered from scars due to having a seizure whilst holding a kettle and i was highlighting how people with epilepsy can work and do sports of which epilepsy astion did a talk at the end of the article.All of my things that i have achieved are mainly due to having a supportive family.I am one of six children and i have another brother with epilepsy who is controlled with epilepsy drugs and also a brother who had epilepsy until about the age of ten.My father had a brain tumour when he was about sixty which caused some abscences and lucky enough the tumour was non-cancerous.Due to all of this i was referred to a specialist of which he looks into heriditary epilepsy of which could not be proved or dis proved as due to there being eight people in the family it was very hard to track down all the notes.Thanks Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson
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