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Andrew Jackson

I have had epilepsy for 37 years since the age of 3 years. I never try to let epilepsy hold me back.

Due to being bullied at school from having epilepsy and a lack of confidence, when I left I started doing kickboxing when I was seventeen and I declared my epilepsy to my instructor which obviously stopped me taking part in sparring. But my dad realised I was getting more confidence and it’s nice meeting other people who didn't judge me even when they knew I had epilepsy. The kickboxing club closed but I decided to do traditional taekwondo and gained my first blackbelt,

I stopped training after having status epilepticus which was brought on through working long hours and stress and I had to surrender my driving licence for the second time. Soon as I was controlled by medication and gained my driving licence back I started to train in taekwondo again and I now coach in a different style of taekwondo to what I previously did. It does take me longer to learn things than other people which can be frustrating sometimes.

I recently decided to be a brain and tissue organ donor as well as a full organ donor which if the worst should happen my brain can be used for research into what causes epilepsy and anyone can donate whether you have epilepsy or not as if doing this kind of donation helps a little bit towards finding a cure or getting epilepsy treatment better it's worth it. I know it's not something everyone would do as no one likes to think about death but I'm not religious and life after death to me is through organ donation and I wish everyone could be a organ donor. If you needed a organ donation would you prepared to have one if you didn't want to be an organ donor yourself?

Andrew Jackson
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