Love me, cajole me, comfort and console me, anything is welcome to help to reassure me; I know it is meant in good faith because there’s nothing else to cure me. But when you say ‘it’s’ not that bad, ‘it’ could be worse, ‘it’s’just a seizure, ‘it’ could be worse like you could have a bash, then you should of been there while I slept and seen ‘it’s’ latest clash,’it’s’ latest bout, ‘it’s’ latest round, ‘it’ has no rules ‘it’ makes no sound; it’s a fight I always win, but never one ‘it’ loses, and when I do wake it’s not by choice because ‘it’s’ the one who chooses; you’ll see ‘it’ wake me up,I’m scared, confused, ‘it’s’ leaving me in doubt, ‘it’ forces a disturbing noise from my pursed lips and then ‘it’ knocks me out; ‘it’ likes to watch me seizure, struggle to breathe, then gradually recover, just so ‘it’ can have a laugh and make me have another; I live alone so far my grandkids ‘it’ can’t make it any tougher, and make them witness the torment and pain ‘it’ makes there grandad suffer; but ‘it’ bid ‘it’s’ time for me to sleep and pull my world apart, I swear ‘it’ knew who would be there, so ‘it’ could really break my heart; ‘it’s’ terrifying, ‘it’s’ mayhem, ‘it’s’ chaos and confusion, I only hope in seeing ‘it’ you’ll change your mind and your conclusion, now say ‘it’s not that bad ‘it’ could be worse, ‘it’s’ just a seizure, ‘it’s’ not a curse, because just like I did when ‘it’ had gone, you’ll turn and change your view, and realise when you watched what ‘it’ did to me, my grandson watched ‘it’ with you.

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