We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


I was only nine when I had my first seizure and I’d never heard of epilepsy. My mum insisted I see an epilepsy specialist as my behaviour on the medication I was prescribed was so out of character that she knew the drugs were the cause of it. I now take newer anti-epilepsy medications to control my condition. Now instead of having up to 15 seizures a day I have one or two a year, when I’ve got a cold or feeling a bit under par. I’ve still got a lot to cope with as I get older, for example, I’ll have to be careful with alcohol. I could have a few drinks but I’ll always have to be aware of my limit.

If I got very drunk I could have a seizure. Luckily the drugs I’m on now don’t interfere with the contraceptive pill if I decide to use this in the future.

My advice to other people with epilepsy is not to be ashamed. Get as much information about the condition as possible. Don’t be fobbed off by your GP, demand to see an epilepsy specialist.

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