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Vickie Jubb

I've had complex partial seizures since my early 20s.

Now I find myself with three beautiful teenage daughters. They've grown up only ever knowing that mummy has seizures. Not ideal but we've never known it any other way. We have some great help along the way. When they were little a sapphire nurse came to visit and talk to the whole family about putting a plan together to keep them safe when mum had to seizure. So, from an early age, they've known what to do.

I also had some great help from social services. I had a home support worker who would come in at teatime and make sure that I could bath the girls and be a mum to them whilst at the same time hover in case I had a seizure. I'm really sad when I hear that funding for that sort of thing has gone now. I know the girls worry about me and they are never completely happy when I'm on my own but I'm holding down a job with additional support and I always wanted them to see me being as independent as possible. I'm incredibly proud of the three of them and how they manage - but then I would be - I'm their Mum!

Vickie Jubb
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