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Getting into College!

Over the last year my Epilepsy has got a lot worse making life a lot harder. Despite the Bad List being rather long I have achieved a lot of good things over the last year too, for example:

I Co- hosted the Epilepsy Action Upfront Radio Show
Wrote an article for Epilepsy Today magazine
Gained 10 GCSEs grades A-C; despite fitting throughout my exams
then more recently I went on my first school trip
And am now in the process of doing 2 AS Levels!

Some of the above are just ordinary teenage activities that are made slightly harder because of my condition others are things that I would never have been able to do without this amazing charity!

I must say I feel my biggest achievement was using all the above to finally accept who I am, and accept the fact that I have epilepsy and always will. The fact is nobody and I mean nobody knows what it's like to be a teenager with epilepsy not even those who are as every case is different!!!

Even better I used this new found confidence to go to an interview at my local College (I have been asked to leave school as 2 A Levels is not enough and my condition is too much), and was immediately offered an unconditional place!!! This is big as I also have Asperges Syndrome so am very scared about changes, but nothing will stop me getting where I want to be and I can feel myself getting nearer every single day!!!!!!

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