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of everyone affected by epilepsy


Jonny’s girlfriend, Sara, was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2014 after having a tonic-clonic seizure at V Festival. Over the last 18 months, she has tried a number of epilepsy medicines but they have been unable to control her seizures so far. Sara has been hospitalised on more than one occasion because of her epilepsy.

Jonny says “Watching Sara come to terms with living with epilepsy has been really tough. Seeing her in hospital as the result of a seizure makes me feel so hopeless. We are both very aware that epilepsy can be a fatal condition.For me, that is the scariest thing about it."

Jonny is now taking on the London Marathon Sunday 24 April to raise vital funds for Epilepsy Action.

He says “Running the London Marathon is a brilliant way to raise awareness of epilepsy. Epilepsy Action has provided so much support to me, Sara and Sara’s family over the past few years. They have helped us to understand the condition, and been a really valuable listening ear. I will feel so proud running knowing that I am raising funds to help other people like us."

Sara says “I am so proud of Jonny. He has been training so hard, and working to raise funds. So far, we have raised £6,854.26 for Epilepsy Action. I am looking forward to cheering Jonny on from the side-lines this year and really hope that I will be able to run myself in 2017!”

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