Phoebe Hill

I had my first tonic clonic seizure when I was 18, in the middle of my A levels. The (now familiar) sequence of confusion and exhaustion occurred for the first time during a college trip to Rome (in the Colosseum of all places...), in front of hundreds of people. Rapidly, I began to feel what many people with this condition feel; a total lack of control over one's self and one's body. Epilepsy often takes its form so publicly that the condition can feel like the devil on one's shoulder, waiting to announce itself should you take a step out of line.

However, I would not be contributing if I didn't have anything positive to add. It has been 4 years since my first seizure. I am studying French & Spanish at University College London (I'm currently spending my 3rd year abroad in Provence). This summer I will complete two internships, one at a top London publishing house, another at an arts centre in Scotland. Oh, and in two weeks I will return to to Rome with friends, where I plan on visiting the Colosseum and actually seeing it!

Phoebe Hill
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