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Living with epilepsy isn’t simple, it takes away so much from you.

Before I was diagnosed I worked full time, I’d go out at weekends with friends, I was care free, then back in 2016 I had a fall.

I started with a seizure, that night I was taken to hospital and simply told everyone can have a seizure in their life. They kept coming and in the end I was referred to a neurologist who then hit me with the diagnosis of epilepsy.

I didn’t really know how I felt about it, I just tried to carry on with my life, but then came the seizures one after another. I had to stop working, I could not longer go out on my own, I felt like my independence had been ripped away from me.

I had endless stays in hospital due to how bad the seizures were, I was then given medication to take for my epilepsy, but the seizures still kept coming. I felt exhausted, my muscles ached so much, I just wanted it all to stop.

Along the way I had lost friends, but also gained some who suffer with epilepsy themselves, it’s been a massive change to my life. My family have had to learn to cope with me living with epilepsy too, it’s been such a change to their life too and at times the guilt is horrible. It’s had a massive impact on my mental health, not just my physical health. There’s been times I’ve wanted to give up, but I can’t let epilepsy beat me and even now, 3 years down the line, I still suffer badly with the seizures at times, but I have learnt to deal with them.

I’m so grateful to my neurologist, family and best friend for everything, from holding my hand in hospital, keeping me safe during seizures, to saying I can get through anything.

Anyone struggling, there is light at the end of tunnel even if you don’t think there is right now, there will be in time x

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