My life changed when i was 6 years old 1975 when I fell off a climing frame at school and came round with staff and schoolchildren and 4 of my dear friends all staring, I was picked up and taken home but that night I had a terrible head, said to mum I must have hurt my head falling today? I don't think you fell as noone told me? I went to bed and slept it off.

During the next year I kept feeling not right, mum said I wasn't thinking straight it was my imagination. But mum took me to the doctors but told her it was only a cold, until one night I started shouting and thrashing about. Mum and dad took me to the hospital where they were told I might not survive the night? I was lucky I did but was diagnosed with epilepsy.

I had grand mall fits and I'd not remember anything after coming round then sleeping for 2 hours each time. I had 11 fits a day in secondary school, was bullied by teachers and other children my life had changed but I wasn't going to give in. Visiting doctors I was amazed how many didn't know what epilepsy was.

I eventually was given a medication that I thought was the best yet, it put on weight, made me tired like all the others but I started to remember the past more than the future time I lived in. As time went on things got better as I found a group called mind and I met people like me and they understood, became my true friends helping with my depression also.

Today, I've found a partner, have a daughter whose now 30 and has 2 lovely boys who call my tonic clonic seizures riddling, today having epilepsy has come a long way more excepted but still hard for people with the condition and those who don't understand. But dont ever give up be honest and those who don't like you for who you are you don't want to know them anyway, its there loss not yours.

We still have along way to go but if we stick together and don't be afraid to speak out we will get there in the end. TRY TO STAY POSITIVE wishing you allthe best for now and in the future.

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