We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Cllr Andy Maric

I grew up with Epilepsy.
Some people laughed; some people had no idea what it was or what to do; only a few people helped when I fitted - but not enough people know what it is.
I can now drive & have a full time job.
I was also elected to a Borough Council when I was 20, whilst still having a full time day job - Milton Keynes' youngest Councillor ever.
Some local councillors still jest about 'fitting' in public forums. They aren't being rude they are just poorly educated on the subject.
I'm a School Governor too and a board member of some local charities.
This week I've started work for a company who specialise in CNS & brain diseases including epilepsy.
I'm even re - standing in next weeks local elections on Thursday.
Find out about and educate others about epilepsy.
Every type of epilepsy is different; in the same way we are as humans.
It will not and should not stop or hinder you in life - socially; educationally, politically or commercially.

Do not discriminate; differentiate. More importantly believe you can achieve your ambitions.


Cllr Andy Maric
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