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Ojijo .M. Odhiambo

I'm Ojijo .M. Odhiambo from Kenya.Today , i'm going to talk about how epilepsy has affected my education journey.I'm a 4th year student pursuing Mechanical Engineering at The Technical University of Kenya.I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 6months and it has been a struggle.

On my junior age when i was in primary school , i used to have fits in hospital and i could find myself admitted at the hospital but never knew what i was suffering through.All went on well , my seizures were able to be controlled and i was stopped from using drugs at the age of 11 when i was in class 5.

I joined highschool , back in 2012 , all went on well until my final year.It was on a Sunday morning back in June 2015 when things changed up.I was talking to my friends in the morning before we attended assembly and i became unconscious.I woke up feeling tired and tired to go home on Tuesday leaving my exams underway.I was too discouraged that i only went back to school to sit for my national examinations.I perfomed well although with seizures through my papers and i secured a grade guranteeing me to do my dream course.

Problems continued to build up here at the university.I was still coping up being that my father had died and this disease too has knocked me here.I was sent for multiple eeg tests.It has been a problem being that i study far away from home.I could experience problems in class and this could force me to book a bus and travel back home at night for checkup the following day.

Back in March 2018 , i had a full blown seizure in class which made me to become unconscious for hours.It was around 9a.m in the morning during a Statistics lecture but i found myself surrounded by institution doctors around 5p.m at the dispensary.It was a dark time and what i did next was to call my Mother and my Neurologist.I had to travel back home immediately and i was sent for an eeg test and later a Brain MRI.The MRI results were discouraging in that it was found that i had oxygen loss in the brain , injury on my temporal lobe and sleeping of my left neurons indicating that i had "Temporal Lobe Epilepsy"

It has been a struggle with seizures knocking me down anytime leading to injuries.There was a day that i nearly got burnt inside my house being that i got a seizure in the midst of my cooking and my roommate was on a long holiday so i was alone.It is a struggle , i have to be awake for hours to cope up with my studies.

Ojijo .M. Odhiambo
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