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My name is Alice and I was first diagnosed with epilepsy just before I sat my GCSEs at school. I suffer from simple and complex partial seizures, which as people who have been exposed to epilepsy know can be unpredictable. Thankfully I'm glad to say my seizures are very mild, and other than one fall I've never hurt myself during a seizure, but I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by great friends and family- all of whom have taken the time to familiarise themselves with what to expect from my seizures and how best to help me. When I was first diagnosed my life changed because even though you're not always having seizures, the effects that epilepsy itself has, combined with the medication on your body, change the way you live your life day-to-day. But this year is a special year for me. In July i'll graduate with a Masters in Neuroscience, before starting my PhD. I only started this journey because of my diagnosis and even though there have been so many days when studying has been difficult and I even repeated a year at school to get here, having epilepsy doesn't have to hold you back- and I want that to be my message to others. #seizetheday

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