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At 28 I had a successful career in Finance and could go or do anything I wanted. Then things changed, I woke to see an ambulance man kneeling by my pillow telling me I had to go to hospital. I had experienced my first Grand Mal.

I lost my driving licence and freedom. I could no longer drive to London or Swindon to work, I had to get a taxi everywhere.

Over the years things have got worse. I am now married with two children (aged 10 & 13). Bringing them up has been hard, having to sit on the floor to breast feed and change nappies on the floor, being unable to carry them around, being tied to the pram in case I let go of it etc.

I am now having 15-20 absences a month lasting from 2 to 20 mins. My memory is going. I can remember what I did 40 years ago but not what I did yesterday. I can't remember names etc. My phone is beeping to remind me to do things throughout the day.

It is hard having to tell someone that I may have a seizure when we first meet. The children now have to look after Mummy. I can't even walk into the supermarket & get a loaf of bread on my own as I might just walk off into a busy road and they are always watching me when cooking etc.

Epilepsy can be frustrating and embarrasing but I can still get around, I am not locked in a room or hospital bed and have lovely supportive friends and family.

I would like to not have the epilepsy and regain my freedom, just half an hour alone would be great.

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