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Calm Waters, by Allan

This poem was an entry in Epilepsy Today's first-ever festive poetry contest: Outside the lines.

I am a firefighter and my wife has epilepsy. I’m not really a poet but I have submitted poems to things when I was at school. I’m a little out of practice and wouldn't want my firefighter colleagues knowing I'm a budding bard!

Calm Waters

Behind closed doors and hatches, hidden from view, a squall is building to pass through.

Like storm clouds gathering Epilepsy broods, as the dark skies appear, when the lightening strikes.

For those you love. The crack of thunder rolls with the waves, as you crash through the troughs of another dark day.

Feelings all lost at sea, as you battle the raging weather, and ride the rolling swells.

Taking the helm we steer to calmer waters, looking for the safe shelter of a harbour, lee or cove.

For in the reflection of calm seas, we can see ourselves better and learn from the dark skies that appear.

Here I know when looking across the bay at my beautiful vessel, why I steer the helm of the one I love.

Because dark days do come, we learn to know, that the sunshine will always follow our stormy days.

And calmer waters I will always steer.

Calm Waters, by Allan
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