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I have been struggling with epilepsy for 7 years. I was told by doctors when I was 10 that it was because I started a period. I had to go to the doctors at 11 because it was happening more frequently. They did not believe me or my mum when we told them what had happened. They did tests but left me with questions and they told me that it was stress. I was 16 before I went back to doctors and professionals when they said that there was nothing wrong with me. I had to go to a cardiac specialist who thought it was fainting. After extensive tests they decided that nothing was wrong. When I was 17 I saw a neurologist who was shocked to find out what me and my mum was telling him and that I had epilepsy. He then sorted out medication and more tests. I have only just come to terms with me having epilepsy its hard and a heavy weight on my shoulders, but I have to deal with it. I will now be starting medication and going off to university, but I cannot let anything stop me from doing what I love.

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