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Hi I started with epilepsy on Christmas Day in 1997. I was 10 years old.

In the New year 1998 I went back to juniors school. Carrying on with day to day life I was having seizures daily also I had them when I was at school in the playground when playing football the school was very good and would let my parents know when I had a seizure. My seizures were mainly brought on by been knocked on different parts of my body or if somebody made me jump.

At the age of 11 I started at college. My seizures continued in the same way but as I got older I became more self aware of the impact of the seizures were having on my day to day life. It made me feel different from everybody else and made me less confident to mix with people.

Finding a job when you have epilepsy is very difficult to deal with another thing which is hard to accept is not been able to drive. I have tried lots of different tablets over the years none of them worked for me and I kept having seizures for years. I went to the hospital for a check up with my consultant to see how I was going on between us we decided to still keep taking tegretol retard and to try a new tablet called clobazam. I started to take these tablets when I was 23 years of age I have been taking them ever since so far I have been seizure free.

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