I’ve had epilepsy since 2 years old (grand mal, petit mal and frontal lobe). None of my doctors or Neurologists have ever found a cause, but I think it was caused by the booster shot that was given to me at age 2 because after I had the injection, I got a bad fever and the next day I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I’ve now had the condition for 41 years (I’m 43 years old). I’ve never had a car licence, never smoked or taken any illegal drugs plus I don’t drink. I have my own car but I rely on my 89 year old dad to drive me around and my mum is a paid carer for me. Another part of my life that epilepsy has affected is my relationships with females (I’m still a virgin) the reason why I don’t have any girlfriend is because I feel that if I spend my life with them then they will have to have a new responsibility to look after me. Normally before a seizure I experience what’s called dejavu ( everything around me seems familiar like I’ve done it before).

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