Amy Haskell

I’m Amy, I’m 18, and I’m from Southampton. My epilepsy journey has been a roller coaster, I will tell you that!

At 14, one day out of nowhere my eyes went into the back of my head. I was awake but everything went black, it was so scary. That happened for two years, then one day in 2019 I was not feeling right, I passed out and had a seizure.

From then on I had a seizure every month, but trying to get a diagnosis was the hardest thing. They put it down to anxiety but I knew in my heart it wasn't. I only had anxiety and depression due to these seizures.

I’m now on anti-depressants so eventually we took a video of me having a seizure. It was a hard thing to get a video because it wasn't the first thing my parents thought of, but we got a diagnosis because of this video. I have tonic-clonic seizures and now on epilepsy medication.

I’m a carer in a care home for people with dementia. I will not let my epilepsy stop me from helping others.

If anyone is struggling, please reach out for help. I’m sharing this to raise awareness to let people know they’re not alone because you are definitely not alone. Thanks to my amazing family, I have got through this journey.

Amy Haskell
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