Chloe-jade humble

Hey guys, my name is Chloe-Jade and I am 19 years old.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 10. I have had a lot of hospital appointments through out my life, mostly because of all the different types of seizures I had.

My doctor once told me that my epilepsy is life threatening due to the amount of seizures I have. I went through a stage where my doctor kept changing the dosage of my medication (lamotrigine) that I have to take morning and night as part of my usual routine. Every time I went to the hospital they kept giving me so many different dosages of my tablets. This eventually lead to me having 6 seizures in a row. They lasted a long time so I was rushed to hospital and had loads of tests and scans on my brain to know what was going on.

Back in school I went through years of bullying. I got judged and made off because everyone treated me differently, like I was someone else. I didn’t understand why people in my class used to pick on me. I distinctly remember a girl that used to keep turning the light off and on when the teacher wasn’t in the classroom. She kept laughing and making the light flash, which caused me to have a seizure in the lesson. I ended up moving schools a lot. I went to 3 primary schools and 4 different high schools.

At the moment, I am happy and enjoying college. I have had some seizures in college, but no body picks on me. I fit in with everyone in my class and we are like one big family. Everybody accepts me the way I am and we are treated the same.

I take 150g of my lamotrigine tablets in the morning and 125g at night every single day. The tablets are allowing me to have less seizures than when I was younger. I know I may not be able to do much still as I have epilepsy, but I don’t give up! I believe sharing your epilepsy story will make you feel better about yourself. Trust me. I was scared to open up about my life with epilepsy. But telling my story I feel so much better.

Thank you for reading x

Chloe-jade humble
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I'm am so proud of you girl, your so strong keep pushing on, love you xxx

Submitted by Midget 😜

I'm am so proud of you girl, your so strong keep pushing on, love you xxx

Submitted by Midget
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