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Edgar Garcia

My first seizure began somewhere around 2013.

It was a hot summer day, around 12pm, at a seafood restaurant, that my friends saw me lift the table throwing all our food to the floor and began to yell incomprehensible words, until I began to shake uncontrollably for a few minutes.

Of course, I was rushed to the (ER), only to be released a day later if I remember correctly. After that day, seizures began to occur at random. I do have to add that before my first seizure, I was involved in recreational marijuana smoking and drinking alcohol as well.

As I said, my seizures began after that fateful day. Some happened at my house in my room while my friends came to visit. One night while trying to sleep I was watching Star Wars on my laptop with headphones on; suddenly I began to hear a weird noise only in my left ear, which grew louder and louder until I got scared and rushed to my parents room. Upon arriving at my parents room doorstep, I collapsed/seized (according to my parents of course, FYI, I never feel when I'm going to seize, I simply wake up, memory very faulty, until it slowly returns).

After that night I was hospitalized for about a month or a month and a half. To which I had a dozen more seizures, while being examined. Once while eating, another seconds before going into the shower, and another while watching Star Wars again (coincidence?).

Eventually my seizures stopped, while taking 1000mg of KEPPRA every 12hrs. I know the medication is helpful because it did stop my seizures, only when I was not taking my meds properly like I was told, I seized again. they rarely happened, I'd skip a pill or two.

Throughout my life after being released from the ER, I kept a well balanced med intake. I was advice by my Neurologist that drinking was a big No No. Although I didn't quite listen and drank either way, for years I was fine. No seizure, until eventually I stopped again taking my meds properly; but I didn't abandon them. I began taking just one pill every 24hrs instead of 12hrs. I'd like to say I was on this routine for about 5-6 months.

Until a week ago I seized at work. I woke up surrounded by co-workers, my memory was a bit faulty and my body was gym sore. Since I was fine for months on this capacity of meds in me, I can't tell if it was the alcohol that affected me on the long run, or my body not having its usual balance of meds. I'm 27 years old. My epilepsy didn't begin till i was about 22. I was examined by several doctors only to be told they don't know the cause for my epilepsy.

Edgar Garcia
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