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The King Family - Purple Day 2019

Jenson, aged seven, has absence seizures on a regular basis, as well as tonic clonic, focal and atonic seizures. William, five, not only has absence, partial and tonic clonic seizures but also pica, an eating disorder which makes him crave non-food substances. This means he needs constant support and supervision. Their sister Darcie, four, was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. She has periods where she goes vacant and experiences partial episodes where she shakes.

Their mum Rachael said: “Jenson, William and Darcie are three very happy, brave and wonderful children who take their epilepsy in their stride, the support and love they have for each other shines through. They understand they have epilepsy and it makes them 'shake, stay very still or makes them poorly’, needing an ambulance. As they have got older they are becoming more aware about seizures and Jenson has said ‘help’ a few times before he has a tonic-clonic seizure.

“As parents, Ben and I are very positive about their epilepsy as we don’t want it to hold them back. If anything, we want them to feel proud of how strong and brave they are. I would like to think their epilepsy has helped to show true friendships and we have made friends aware they made need help if they have a seizure. They have lovely friendships groups. School are very supportive about the children’s epilepsy and are always very keen to raise awareness holding a "wear purple for epilepsy awareness day" on 26th March. When the children are poorly or unwell they support each other, offering hugs and showing concern which is lovely to see.

She continued: “The support for each other continues through to the medications every day where we have ‘races’ with a drink and meds to see who can beat mummy and daddy. They cheer each other on and always win - again turning the medication aspect into a positive and fun thing for them! I think they would want the video to show other children that having Epilepsy doesn’t have to stop you from having fun, also to help children understand that appointments and test are not scary and also for all epilepsy heroes to realise just how amazing they are.”

Epilepsy can be scary at any age. For children and families it can be terrifying. A donation from you today could really help to take away that worry and anxiety. Epilepsy Action produces special kids' packs that explain epilepsy in simple, understandable terms. They cost just £3 each, so your gift could help families understand the condition and know how to go about getting help and treatment. You really would be making a life-changing difference to a children like The King Family.

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The King Family - Purple Day 2019
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