It all started back in 1987 when I was 2 years old I got diagnosed with epilepsy. My gran (my mums mum) was looking after me while my mum was working. I got hit on the head with a breakfast bar which my dad was building at the time from then on I had seizures. I was put on medication and when they didn't work. I tried another. This went on for years trying all different medication to help stable my seizures which worked to a degree but unfortunately did not stop my seizures.

Time went on over the years. I was able to live day to day life with living with depression and anxiety non-stop and made me wary about travelling and living alone. I continued my life with epilepsy with one seizure paralysing me down whole left side of my body which I had to stay in hospital on numerous of occasions. By this time I had experienced quite a fair few different seizures. My last type of seizures was not very good. I had screaming seizures with hallucinations. I really couldn't cope so I went to see my neurologist who put me forward for tests in Bristol.

I thought this was my once in a lifetime opportunity since years ago I got told I would have to live life with epilepsy because the activity levels were all over. However this was not to be true. I had pet scan in Cheltenham and eegs and video telemetry in southmead hospital north Bristol in May 2019 aged 34 which I had to go in at the last minute. On the same day then I had to wait for the drs to discuss my results and within two months I got a letter to invite me to see the surgeon who went through everything with me and told me I was a suitable candidate for brain surgery, and set a date for the surgery to go ahead on the 15th November 2019. My last seizure I had was 13th November 2019 and I had to have a further few tests 2 years year after my surgery which was the same tests i had to take before my surgery.

I had a call from the professionals in Bristol to tell me my surgery was a successful and that my right temporal lobe epilepsy would not grow back and that i have been cured i was taken off one medication a year after my surgery. I'm currently halfway off my final medication I'm on for the epilepsy/ The piece taken away has been used to teach students in that area. I am still growing strong loving my new life not having to worry about anything anxiety or depression wise. And I can now live alone and do things i was unable to do while living with epilepsy. I have applied for my provisional driving licence.

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