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Claire Roberts

I was diagnosed in 1986 with what was then called petit mal seizures. I was put on valproate. At 19 I had 3 tonic clonic seizures and had my medication changed to the then new drug Lamotrigine. A few years later my seizures changed again to complex partial seizures with no warning prior to a seizure. I was also put onto Keppra as well. Over the years, where possible, I've not let my epilepsy stop me from doing anything - i went to university and qualified as a nurse, got a post graduate honours degree, been abseiling, climbing and potholing amoungst other things. I have great support from my Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, with her support and advice, I have 3 wonderful children, 6, 2 and 1. For me, my pregnancies went well with no seizures. Labour went well in terms of my epilepsy - my specialist nurse wrote to them explaining how to manage epilepsy in labour. Throughout my 3rd pregnancy i would tell them "I'm a pregnant woman who has epilepsy, not an epileptic who is pregnant " - the advice my specialist nurse gave the doctors was invaluable in helping them understand epilepsy in pregnancy, especially with allowing natural birth and breastfeeding. You do need to take extra measures when looking after your children when you are on your own but it soon becomes second nature. My view on life is don't let epilepsy hold you back, you can achieve almost anything with the right support

Claire Roberts
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