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Katie Coleridge

Hey I’m Katie

I have suffered with epilepsy since I was 8 years old, I was diagnosed with Nocturnal epilepsy. I had seizures while sleeping which were grandmal seizures.
I was put through tests like EEG’s and MRIS to check for brain activity and wave lengths of my seizures.
At the age of 11 I fell off my bike my wheel came off and my head slammed to the concrete and skidded across the pavement, apparently I was out for around 6 minutes. I got up and walked home like nothing happened, and then cried when my mum started panicking. I started having seizures a few weeks after the accident and they started in the day, I discovered later on in life that the accident on my bike is what caused my seizures to worsen.

In the year 2015 my medication just stopped working my sodium dropped to a low level and I started having seizures again, the medication I was on no matter what dose they put me on would not work for me, I was having about 10 seizures a day. I couldn’t do anything to stop it, but it finally got better after a full 5 months. They put me on a dose that stopped the seizures.

This only helped for a period of time and that was only a few months I went to Jamaica I came back and my seizures started again it was like a repeat, I was put on a really high dose of Levetriciam which is Keppra, the dose started to give me chronic migraines and I suffered with them for 2 years before I had enough of what I was going through. Granted it didn’t help that I drank and was around the wrong people who didn’t understand what having an illness was like, I tried to live normally and drink and do what other people would do I learned from my mistakes and cut them out of my life for good, which I’m better off for. 2017 early 2018 I cut them out of my life for good.

The alcohol didn’t help my migraines and neither did the migraine medication I was on. I was angry I was frustrated and I was upset that I wasn’t getting better. I lived on my own at the time and I was struggling to live on my own.
I isolated myself, acted like I was ok, when in reality I was far from it.

We are now in October 2019 I have moved back in with my mum and dad, which I am grateful for. They are really supportive, I do not drink excessively if I do drink I will have one or two. I still suffer from migraines and I will most likely always have epilepsy but I cannot live in fear of what is going to happen with my seizures granted it is scary when I do feel sensations like auras and seizure related activity but I have to get on with my life. Migraines affect me but I will get on with it and try to keep my health my first priority, like I said I have learned from my mistakes. But life is about learning and growing from your mistakes, I have learned and I have overcome. I will not live in fear of what might happen, nobody should.
I can and I will overcome.

It’s now 10th of June 2020, we have been in lockdown for 3 and a half months, as I work in a care home I’ve been working throughout it. Stress levels were high everyone was likely to be stressed out. And that’s ok. I have now got two weeks off to chill and do what I like. So I’ve started to do a bit of fitness as I wasn’t happy, I have taken myself off of sertraline as that was adding the weight factor.
Skipping, walking, and cardio.
I haven’t had any seizures for nearly 3 and a half years, I am fully controlled on my medication Oxcarbazapine. I get the occasional migraine which Knock me down. I get back up dust myself off and carry on.

I have my odd down days, and I have my good days, and then I have my great days. I’ve always thought what would my life of been like if I didn’t have this illness?…but you know what for everything it has put me through I couldn’t imagine being me without it. It’s taught me from an early age, life isn’t easy, we are put to the test, how far can you go without giving up?

We all have struggles we all have something to complain about. And we all have something that makes us grow from when we are kids and we learn we adapt, I gained strength from it I guess. It’s part of me and it always will be.
Not just that but it made me appreciate the little things in life like for example somebody asking me how I am and just listening. Not passing it off as a little thing. The Little things in life we would otherwise take for granted.

Anyway I’m happy for who I am, and we all should be.
Thank you.

Katie Coleridge
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