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Her hair flowed freely as she gazed outside the window
White puffy clouds clung to the sky as it dressed for night
Her hands and arms felt the air as if she were in flight
Yet still I did not know the storm was rolling near
I called to her but no response electricity was in the air
yet still I did not know the storm
it was already here
Her full lips no longer smiled
Pressed together so still
Her eyes no longer full of life
Distant and glazed
The storm it came so quickly
it danced right beside me
Inside of her it made a home
I held her hand ever near
Electricity was in the air
I did not want it here
My heart it ached for her
A gentle voice to reassure I would not leave her side
She moaned, she cringed a tightening and release
The storm was so intense
Her eyes rolled back
She clenched her teeth
a grinding sound
I hoped one wouldn't break
She moaned she cringed
a tightening and release
When will the storm cease
My heart was heavy
An aching pain for her
Powerless I felt
my gentle voice would reassure
the storm it ceased as quickly as it came
My beautiful lady will be okay
She loves to dance and sing
her eyes a mirror into my soul
The storm I will not let it win
A gentle calm reassurance
My love for her is dear
More powerful I know
our love it moves and unites
she will always be the one

The storm it shall not win
Her dreams take flight
Her voice it sings
The melody of my heart
The storm it does not know defeat
Electricity is it's magic
It's source of existence
The storm leaves it's quake
her breath
Her presence
Her fire and life force
will forever be my delight

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