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We're always looking for people willing to talk to the media about living with epilepsy.

Sharing your experience can help to raise awareness, break down stigma and educate people about epilepsy.

Your story might help other people with epilepsy and their families to feel less alone and more able to find support.

If you're happy to share your story please fill in this form giving as much detail as you can.

Please be aware that, although our press team can provide journalists with your story, ultimately, we have no say in whether an article is published and little control over the final version or where it is shared.

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Derrick, Media Volunteer"At first glance, the role of being a media volunteer can be a little daunting, especially if you haven't opened up to an audience before. However, I found that once I started sharing and just being myself it was like I’d lifted a burden. I felt very relieved.

The most amazing thing is having people saying that I inspire them and they can relate to my experiences. I’ve also met some incredible people and made some amazing friendships. I want to thank Epilepsy Action for this opportunity - media volunteering has also helped me as person, in terms of being more confident, happy and optimistic."

- Derrick, Epilepsy Action media volunteer


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