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We get requests each week from the media, often wanting to interview someone with epilepsy who have a story to tell. Talking about your own experience is a good way to raise awareness and educate people about epilepsy. Your story might help other people with epilepsy and their families to realise they are not alone and how to access help and support.

If you're happy to help by sharing your story then please let us know using the form provided. Please remember to give us a daytime contact number or email address if you have one.

Please be aware that, although our press office can provide journalists with information about epilepsy, ultimately, we have no say in whether an article is printed and little control over the final printed version of an article.

We're is looking for people willing to talk about any aspect of their life with epilepsy.

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I have epilepsy and have had it since I was 12 . I was originally on epilim but when I had kids I had to go on something else and my epilepsy spiralled out of control . Huge seizures hospital admissions . I tried not to give up became a nurse and have 4 children . My last two were twins so epilepsy was awful during pregnancy but as they were my last I went back on epilim 3 years ago.
I have been seizure free for 3 years longest ever and after 20 years at 38 yrs old this was me yesterday

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