Purple Day

This year's Purple Day film shows how epilepsy can take away so many parts of life that we take for granted. For the 87 people diagnosed with epilepsy in the UK every day, it can leave them feeling alone and completely in the dark. Your donation can help change that.

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When is Purple Day?

Purple Day is on 26 March every year.

What is Purple Day?

In 2008, eight-year-old Cassidy Megan from Canada decided she wanted to help raise awareness for people with epilepsy and to make sure no one affected feels alone. She named her idea after the colour of lavender, the internationally recognised flower for epilepsy, and Purple Day was born!

Over the years, the event has grown to become the international success we know today, celebrated by the epilepsy community all over the world.

Why does Epilepsy Action get involved?

Epilepsy Action campaigns for people with epilepsy all year round, raising valuable awareness and funds to support everyone affected by the condition. Purple Day represents the biggest chance in the year to get the word out there about how important it is to understand epilepsy.

This means helping the general public to understand the challenges of life with epilepsy and how they can help. It means celebrating positive attitudes towards epilepsy, and making sure that no one with epilepsy feels alone. And it means raising valuable funds so that people with epilepsy can be supported, informed and empowered to lead happy, successful lives.

Where does it take place?

Purple Day is now celebrated in over 100 countries around the world. Wherever you are, there will be lots of opportunities to get involved with Purple Day.

Who can be involved in Purple Day?

Anyone can! You don’t have to have epilepsy yourself, or even know anybody with epilepsy. Whatever your motivation to make the world a better place for people affected by epilepsy, all are welcome!

How do you get involved?

You can show your support all year round by grabbing a purple wristband, or by donating to Epilepsy Action. However you choose to help, thank you. Together, we’re building a better, fairer future for people with epilepsy.