What you need to know before voting in the election

Published: June 06 2024
Last updated: June 06 2024

Kami Kountcheva | Tips to make sure you’re ready to have your say in the upcoming July general election

With the general election coming up on 4 July, here is a checklist of things to make sure you’re ready to have your say!

Who can vote?

Polling station sign

British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizens aged 18 or over on 4 July can vote in the election. You must be a resident at a UK address or registered as an overseas voter, and not be legally excluded from voting.

Have you registered?

You have to be registered to vote in the UK. To be able to vote in the July election, you need to register to vote by the end of the day on 18 June 2024. Overseas voters can register in the same way. Voters in Northern Ireland can check here to see if they’re registered.

You do not have to register before every election. But you do need to register if it’s your first time, or if you’ve changed your name or address.

In person, by post or by proxy?

Posting postal vote in letterboxYou can vote in person on 4 July at your local polling station with photo ID.

To vote by post, you need to apply by 5pm on June 19 2024 (or 14 June 2024 if you are voting in Northern Ireland). You can apply online or by post.

You can apply to vote by proxy if you are unable to vote in person for certain reasons. They include being away on polling day, being registered as an overseas voter, having a medical issue or disability or not being able to vote because or work or military service.

You must apply for this by 5pm on 26 June 2024 (or 14 June 2024 in Northern Ireland). You can also apply for this by post.

Your chosen person must be someone you trust to carry out your vote.

What do you need?

Photo IDIf you are voting in person, all you need to bring with you is photo ID. The types of ID accepted include provisional or full driving licences from the UK or EU countries, a UK or EU passport, a PASS card or a Blue Badge. The full list of accepted IDs is available online. Your photo ID must look like you, but you can still use your ID even if it has expired.

If you do not have photo ID, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate by 26 June 2024.

If you are someone’s proxy, you only need to bring your own photo ID, not the ID of the person you are voting for.

Our manifesto

ManifestoEpilepsy Action has rounded up some of the biggest issues people with epilepsy are facing that it wants the new government to address. These include epilepsy being prioritised within health and social care, justice and fair treatment for everyone with epilepsy, and fair access to work and benefits.

14 June
Apply to vote by post or proxy in NI
18 June
Register to vote by this date
19 June
Apply to vote by post
26 June
Apply to vote by proxy or for a Voter Authority Certificate if you don't have ID