Tegretol supply update

Published: February 22 2024
Last updated: February 22 2024

21 February 2024

Novartis have told us this week that all strengths of Tegretol prolonged release is in stock.

It is still taking time for the stock to reach the wholesalers. They expect this backlog to be resolved by the end of next week.

Pharmacies struggling to get stock from wholesalers can order direct from Novartis (08457 419442) or novartis.customercare@novartis.com with a valid prescription.

If the pharmacy doesn’t have an account with Novartis, Novartis can set them up with one as a priority, which takes around 24-48hrs.


05 February 2024

We have heard further reports of people struggling to get supply of their Tegretol prescription. We’ve asked Novartis, the manufacturer of Tegretol, to provide a further update.

Novartis told us that:

  • 200mg and 400mg Tegretol prolonged release tablets are in stock with them and going out to wholesalers.
  • 200mg and 400mg Tegretol standard release tablets are in stock as normal. 200mg standard release tablets have been in higher demand, but Novartis can meet this demand.
  • There are no plans to discontinue any current form of Tegretol.

It can take time for stock to go out to wholesalers and then to pharmacies, even weeks in some cases.

If you’re not able to get supply of your medicine you can:

  • Ask other pharmacies to see if they have supply or are able to quickly get supply.
  • Ask your pharmacist if they are able to contact Novartis directly on 08457419442 or novartis.customercare@novartis.com
  • Speak to your doctor for further advice, or call 111 if you need immediate advice.


23 January 2024

Novartis have told us that 200mg prolonged release are now in stock and are going out to wholesalers.

They are still experiencing a delay with 400mg prolonged release. They confirmed that stock should be available by the beginning of February.


08 January 2024

Novartis have told us that the supply issues they are experiencing are with Tegretol 200mg prolonged release and 400mg prolonged release tablets. They confirmed that stock should be available in early February.

They have stock of both Tegretol 200mg and 400mg standard release.


14 December 2023

Novartis have told us that Tegretol 200mg tablets are due to go out of stock shortly.

They expect stock to available around the end of January/beginning of February 2024.

They encouraged pharmacies that are unable to get supply to contact Novartis Customer Services directly:

Email: novartis.customercare@novartis.com

Phone: 08457419442