Meet Northern Irish mental health champion

Published: October 26 2023
Last updated: October 26 2023

Young people who have faced challenges with mental health services in Northern Ireland are encouraged to make their voices heard

Young people with epilepsy are encouraged to join the meeting with the Northern Irish mental health championEpilepsy Action Northern Ireland will be meeting mental health champion Siobhan O’Neill and MLAs to discuss the challenges young people living with epilepsy face when accessing mental health services.

The charity is looking for young people with epilepsy to meet with the mental health champion and members of the legislative assembly.

The meeting of the Neurology All Party Group will take place on 20 November at 2pm.

Professor O’Neill has asked to hear directly from young people and their parents about the challenges they face.

Epilepsy Action has heard from people with the condition and are aware that some young people have not been able to access the mental health care they require.

If you would like to be involved please contact us at: