Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland

Around 22,000 in Northern Ireland have epilepsy. That’s 1 in 83 people, the highest prevalence in the UK.

It affects everyone in different ways, so it can be difficult to control and challenging to live with.

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland has been providing information, advice and support for over 70 years.

A health and social worker talking to a member of Epilepsy Action

Our services in Northern Ireland

  • In person and online support groups where people with epilepsy can connect with others in a safe and relaxed environment
  • Online and telephone counselling to adults living with epilepsy, parents and carers
  • Family support service providing information and support
  • Local information and social events

Epilepsy Action NI also raises awareness and increases understanding of the condition and campaigns for a better future for people with epilepsy.

Our Northern Ireland number is 02890 184 015.

Epilepsy online/telephone counselling service

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland deliver online/telephone counselling to people based in Northern Ireland, over the age of 18, affected by epilepsy, including parents and carers.

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