Epilepsy Action Helping Hands Awards


Thank you to everyone we nominated fantastic individuals and organisations for this 2020 Epilepsy Action Helping Hands awards.

These awards celebrate the nation’s epilepsy heroes, and recognise those who have made a real different to people with epilepsy in the past year.

Our fantastic winners are:

  • Janet Murphy and Emma Williams - Independent Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust (IN-FACT)
  • Reggie Worrall
  • Sienna Appleby
  • Jack McGhee
  • Paul Thirkettle
  • Rachael Santos and Danielle Kennett
  • Helping Hands Award

    Seren is ten years old. She has had complex uncontrolled epilepsy since birth, experiencing up to 100 seizures daily.

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  • Helping Hands Award

    Rachael Santos and Danielle Kennet were nominated for the award by their mum, Belinda Abbott who says they have shown her that “life is worth living”.

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  • Reggie


    Reggie, 9, was nominated by Rochelle, the mum of his friend Ellis. Ellis was diagnosed with focal epilepsy in 2019. Ellis and Reggie were already good friends at school when he was diagnosed, but lockdown brought them even closer.

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    Emma Murphy and Janet Williams

    Janet and Emma are the founders of the Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust (IN-FACT). They were nominated by 12 families who have children affected by sodium valproate taken in pregnancy.

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  • Jack

    jack and his father

    Jack 8, was nominated for a Helping Hand award by his dad Richard. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Richard had his first tonic clonic seizure. He was walking to the village shop with Jack, when he fell.

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  • Sienna

    sienna with award certificate

    Sienna 8, has been awarded a Helping Hands award for the fantastic support she gives to her older sister, who has severe epilepsy and complex needs.

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  • Paul

    Paul and family!

    Paul Thirkettle was nominated for an award by his wife, Rachel. Paul is carer to Rachel, their ten year old daughter, and his mother– all of whom have epilepsy. Rachel says they would not know what to do without his unwavering support.

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For further information about the Epilepsy Action Helping Hands Awards, please contact our External Affairs team by calling 0113 210 8870 or by emailing press@epilepsy.org.uk