Keeping a seizure diary

Seizure diaries are a good tool to help you track and manage your epilepsy.

On this page we explain what a seizure diary is. We also give examples of apps and downloadable seizure diaries.

You can download Epilepsy Action’s own Seizure Diary from this page.

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A seizure diary is a good way of recording information about your epilepsy. For example you can use it to make a note of:

  • Your seizures and their types
  • How long they last
  • When you change anything about your epilepsy medicine
  • Possible side-effects of your epilepsy medicines
  • What other possible seizure triggers there might have been for you
  • Your monthly periods, if you think they may affect when your seizures happen

You can share your seizure diary with medical professionals such as your family doctor, epilepsy specialist or epilepsy nurse.

This can help you and the medical professional to have a two way conversation about what, if anything, needs to happen next in your treatment.

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Epilepsy Action free seizure diary

Download a paper seizure diary

Or you might like to have your seizure diary as a smartphone app:


Epilepsy Ireland has a new smartphone seizure diary app for people with epilepsy and parents of children with epilepsy.



Epilepsy Foundation (USA) also has a smartphone seizure diary app.

Published: March 2024
Last modified: June 2024
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