Partying and epilepsy: tips for staying safe

Published: December 15 2023
Last updated: December 15 2023

Grace Wood | We provide some tips you might want to take on board this party season

Our tips for partying with epilepsyGoing out and having fun is important to us all, especially around Christmas and New Year. Socialising can be good for you, as it supports your wellbeing. However, many people with epilepsy worry about having a seizure when out and about.

Having epilepsy doesn’t have to stop you doing what you enjoy, but it might be helpful to plan ahead and consider the risks. For instance, seizures can be triggered by being tired from a late night, alcohol or recreational drugs.

Here we provide some tips you might want to take on board this party season.

Partying and epilepsy: top tips

  • Carrying medical ID is a good idea: you can order one of our new ID cards here:
  • Not eating properly is a seizure trigger for some people. If that’s you, plan when you will eat. It might be a good idea to take some snacks out with you.
  • Make sure you take your medicine at the usual time. Don’t miss a dose. Consider taking an extra dose of medicine with you in case you are out longer than planned.
  • Tell someone where you are going and make sure that someone you are with knows what to do if you have a seizure, including who to contact.
  • Make sure you have a charged phone and the number of a taxi or someone to take you home if you have a seizure.
  • If you need to, plan to rest after going out so that you can recover properly.
  • If you have photosensitive epilepsy, find out if any venues, performances or events you go to have flashing lights, before you go.

Drinking alcohol can affect your epilepsy, so it’s good to understand the risks and how to drink alcohol safely. For more information about alcohol and epilepsy, go to:

For more information about other seizure triggers go to:

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and party through the season safely.