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Epilepsy Action Research Volunteer Network

There are more than 600,000 people with epilepsy in the UK. Epilepsy Action believes that people with epilepsy must have equality of opportunity in their lives to allow them to achieve their full potential. Increasing the understanding and knowledge of epilepsy by encouraging research offers a way to help achieve this goal.

Epilepsy Action recognises that many people are very interested in research in epilepsy. This research can look at the causes of epilepsy, improving diagnose, developing treatments and understanding the effects of living with the condition.

Epilepsy Action undertakes a wide range of research activities. These include offering research funding, carrying out research, and advising and supporting external research. As a membership organisation, we firmly believe the people whose lives are affected by epilepsy should be able to have a say about what research is carried out and how this is done. In addition, it is important that people are aware of studies and trials they can take part in, if they wish.

EARN was set up in 2007. At that time EARN’s primary role was to provide a patient perspective on the research funding applications we received, by reviewing and scoring them. However, since then several new areas of work have been developed and EARN now have opportunities to get involved in several areas of research.

Dr Markus Reuber is a consultant neurologist, the Editor of Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy, and former Chair of Epilepsy Action’s Research Committee. He says:

‘’As a member-led organisation Epilepsy Action recognises how important it is that the research we fund and support is relevant to the lives of people living with epilepsy. Therefore, we are asking people to think about becoming a member of the Epilepsy Action Research Volunteer Network (EARN). EARN will strengthen the voice people with epilepsy have in shaping decisions about the understanding and management of epilepsy in the future.’’

Who can become a member of EARN?

Anyone who has a personal experience of,  connection to, or interest in epilepsy. This may be as a person with epilepsy, or as a friend, carer or family member.

What experience do I need to become a member of EARN?

It is our aim to encourage and support anyone with an interest in epilepsy research to join EARN and have their say.  No previous experience necessary!

How do I apply?

Volunteer as an EARN

Who can I contact for more information?

Amanda Stoneman, Research and evaluation officer
Telephone: 0113 210 8805 or email researchadmin@epilepsy.org.uk

In order to continue this important work, we need your help. Find out how you can make a regular or single donation to support research at Epilepsy Action

  • Updated July 2018
    To be reviewed March 2020

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