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At Epilepsy Action, we are often contacted by researchers who want to find people with epilepsy, or their carers, who are willing to take part in their research project.

Below is information about the type of people who researchers are currently looking for. If you fit the criteria then please take a look at the project information to see if you would like to get involved.

By taking part in these projects, you can help to increase the growing knowledge of living with epilepsy. This can lead to important advances in the care, treatment and understanding of people with the condition. Find out more about the benefits of taking part in research


Before we agree to advertise any projects for researchers, we thoroughly assess their request. This is to ensure that the research is genuine, will benefit people with epilepsy and will not cause distress.

For further information, contact Amanda Stoneman or telephone +44 (0)113 210 8805.

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If you are a researcher and would like to advertise your project on this page, visit our Resources for researchers page, to find out how.

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Please get some feedback from partners of epileptics. As with so many things, the 'sufferer' gets good support and consideration, but often partners do not.

Submitted by john drake (not verified) on

Hi John

Some of the researchers who contact us would like to hear from people with epilepsy and their families and carers. The information underneath the title of each project tells you which people can take part.

This page is regularly updated. If there are no projects that are relevant to you at the moment, you may wish to look again in the future.

Best wishes


Research and Evaluation Officer

Epilepsy Action

Submitted by todd at Epileps... (not verified) on

I would be willing to be interviewed by phone and my mobile is 07764617824, I found it difficult to confirm if you have my details for the interview process

Submitted by Stephen Timewell (not verified) on

Good day,

Practically all of your research projects are for residents in the UK. What about those that live in other countries who may wish to also participate? Thank you.

Submitted by Lesley Donnelly (not verified) on

Hi Les
At Epilepsy Action, we are happy to support researchers all over the world. This is providing that the research is in the interests of our members, clients and stakeholders and will not compromise the organisation in any way.

The criteria that is listed on the website for people to take part in the projects is provided by the individual researchers. If there are any projects that are of particular interest to you, you could contact the researcher and ask if you would be eligible to take part.

Thank you for your interest!

Submitted by Amanda, Epileps... (not verified) on