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Who’s who in research at Epilepsy Action?

Epilepsy Action Research Committee

The Research Committee is a sub-committee of Epilepsy Action’s Council of Management. There are six members on the committee. The committee has overall responsibility for the direction of research at Epilepsy Action and reports to Council of Management.

Scientific Awards Panel (SAP)

The Scientific Awards Panel (SAP) is an independent group of academic and clinical professionals with specific expertise. Two lay (someone not working professionally in a clinical, healthcare or epilepsy research environment) members also sit on the panel. The lay members have epilepsy themselves or have a personal connection to someone with the condition. SAP assesses applications for research funding. They then recommend to Council of Management and Research Committee which projects should receive funding.

The Research Advisory Panel (RAP)

The Research Advisory Panel offers advice and guidance on specific epilepsy research matters.

Epilepsy Action Research Network (EARN)

Members of the EARN are people with epilepsy or friends and family members of someone with the condition. EARN’s main role is to review research funding applications and tell us how important and relevant the proposed research is to people with epilepsy. They often comment on other research related matters and can be consulted by external researchers.

Epilepsy Action staff

The epilepsy services manager, Angie Pullen, has responsibility for research. For further information call us on +44 (0)113 210 8800.

Epilepsy Action Research Committee 

Epilepsy Action Scientific Awards Panel

  • Dr Anne-Marie Barron BSc, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPS (Lay member)
    Consultant in Education Research and Policy, with family experience of epilepsy
  • Dr Liam Dorris BSc (Hons), D.Clin.Psy., C.Psychol., AFBPs
    Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Glasgow University and Consultant Paediatric Neuropsychologist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow
  • Ms Helen Lowe BSc (Lay member)
    PhD student with a background in Healthcare and Psychology, with personal interest in and experience of Complex Partial Seizure epilepsy
  • Dr Catrin Tudor-Smith BSc, MSc, PhD
    Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics, University of Liverpool

Epilepsy Action Research Advisory Panel

  • Professor Gus Baker 
    Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Liverpool
  • Ms Helen Coyle 
    Epilepsy Nurse Specialist, Salford Royal; Hospital
  • Professor Ann Jacoby
    Professor of Medical Sociology, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Paul Norman 
    Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Christine Cull 
    Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Norwich Learning Disability Service
  • Dr Roderick Duncan 
    Consultant Neurologist, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
  • Dr Margaret Jackson 
    Consultant Neurologist, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
  • Dr Ian Minshall 
    GP with a special interest in epilepsy, Chester
  • Dr Howard Ring 
    University Lecturer, University of Cambridge

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