Stormont must work to support people with epilepsy – Epilepsy Action

Published: January 30 2024
Last updated: March 26 2024

Grace Wood | Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland has called for political parties to restore power sharing

Stormont, BelfastEpilepsy Action Northern Ireland is calling for parties to work together to support people with epilepsy, following the news that the DUP executive has endorsed a deal to restore government at Stormont.

It is thought the deal could see a recall of Northern Ireland’s Assembly in early February.

The Assembly has been suspended for nearly two years due to disagreements about post-Brexit trade arrangements. This has led to a stall in decision making.

During this time, Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland has continued campaigning for people with epilepsy – including meeting the mental health champion professor Siobhan O’Neill to raise concerns about young people’s wellbeing.

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland’s policy and campaigns officer Jack Morgan said: “We welcome the news that the DUP executive has endorsed a deal to restore devolution at Stormont.

“Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland has repeatedly called for political parties to restore power sharing and work together to address the problems facing people with epilepsy.

“Over the last number of months, we have been engaging and briefing members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) on the life-changing issues that affect people with epilepsy in Northern Ireland. These include struggles getting a diagnosis, access to services and challenges with employment and benefits.

“It is now time for elected representatives to work on these issues and to improve the lives of people living with epilepsy in Northern Ireland.

“Epilepsy Action will continue to advocate for change to ensure people with epilepsy and their loved ones receive the help and support they need.”

In September 2023, Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland met with MLAs to discuss how they can better support people with epilepsy.

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