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Epilepsy Action Bradford 10K

Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k

Event details

When: 9am Sunday 29 April 2018 (rearranged from 18 March)
Where: Bradford City Centre, West Yorkshire
Distance: 10k
Entry fee: £20 affiliated / £22 unaffiliated
Minimum age: 15 years of age

A very limited number of places are now available for the rearranged date.

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About the event

Epilepsy Action's very own 10k, city centre road race through the heart of Bradford, West Yorkshire. Starting and finishing in Centenary Square, the event is a local favourite with beginners and those in search of their personal best.

Event information

  • Sell-out field of 2,000 in 2017
  • Free technical T-shirt
  • Finisher's medal
  • Route closed to traffic
  • Chip timing
  • On the day text message results 
  • Baggage storage facilities
  • Water station and drinks at finish
  • Extensive prize categories
  • Course record - 31:02 (Tesfaye Debele)
  • Under UK Athletics rules - License ID: 2018-30348

Please note, unfortunately the course is not suitable for wheelchair users

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Following the postponement, we need lots of volunteers to help fill the places of those who can't make the new date. If you would like to help, simply submit your details using the button below.

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Postponement instructions

The deadline has now passed for participants due to take part on the original date to defer to 2019 or request a refund. All participants that have sent in a request have been contacted. Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing everyone on the 29th.

If you need any further information about the Epilepsy Action Bradford 10K, please contact our events team on +44 (0)113 210 8797 or by emailing bradford10k@epilepsy.org.uk

Event Date: 
Sunday 27 September 2015 - 09:00

Comments: read the 40 comments or add yours


I would like to thank all of the organisers, marshalls and stewards for this magnificent event. The weather was perfect and the run was a dream. Great day, great event. I am already looking forward to March.
Thanks again


Submitted by Ian Copley on

This event is perfect for all abilities. Im a novice, and managed to complete this course in 1 hour 14mins. I was worried, as 10k seems a long way and my treadmill was telling me it was gonna take more like two hours for me to complete the distance. Thankfully, the course is laid out in such a way that it caters for everyone, whether you want to achieve a personal best, just get the distance under your belt, or simply want to raise money as a fun run.

The marshalls were fantastic, and so supportive and encouraging. They really helped to make the experience something to remember. The atmosphere was really welcoming, and we even had a little warm up aerobics to get us ready for action.

I am also looking forward to completing this again in 2016!!

I highly rate this race for everyone regardless of ability.

Sarah xx

Submitted by Sarah Kerrigan on

Is it just for runners or can you and do some people walk it?

Submitted by Anneliese Gray on

Hi Anneliese, the Bradford 10k is intended as a run rather than a walking event. However if you choose to walk parts of it, this is possible however please bear in mind that you will be required to complete the run by 10.45am as this is when the roads re-open to transport. After this time we ask that you move to the pavement.

Best wishes, the Fundraising Events Team

Submitted by Fundraising Eve... on

Is the course open to dogs? I would like to bring along my running partner.


Submitted by Jess on

Hi Jess,
due to the number of participants on the course and for health and safety reasons, it is not possible to run with your dog at the event. Best wishes, the fundraising team

Epilepsy Action Events Team

Submitted by Katie, Epilepsy... on

For those who use Strava for recording and analysing their runs I've created a route of the Bradford 10k in Strava which you can look at at learn the route and see the hills etc...


Submitted by Rob MacDonald on

I planning to run on sunday but i am currently a very slow runner and expect it to talk me 1hour and 30min, will i still be able to run the course

Submitted by sarah Whiteman on

Hi Sarah, the roads will remain closed until 10.45am so it is fine to run the course in that time. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Best wishes, the fundraising events team

Submitted by Katie, Epilepsy... on

Bit feedback for planners of this event. It would be useful to have a map of route showing where the road closures are so for those of us needing to move around the route by vehicle can plan the best way of doing so. If the info is available on the site,its not obviously jumping out at me.

Submitted by Steve on

Steve, that's a very good idea about the road closures map.  We'll work on that for the 2017 race.

Submitted by Mark@Epilepsy Action on

A really enjoyable run this morning. I would also like to thank all the organisers,marshalls and stewards for their great support and enthusiasm as we went past. Lovely to hear a variety of music from a choir, brass band and drumming band. You feel really safe with all the medical staff around too.
Yes I'll be ready for March 2017

Submitted by Susan on

A well organised event. Great work to get the results out so quickly!
Thanks to all involved.

Submitted by Stuart on

Hi there. Where would be best to park on the day? Never done this one before.

Submitted by craig briggs on

Hi Craig,

The map above with has all the suitable parking sports for the Bradford 10K.

Unfortuantely, it is hard to determine which one might be best on the day.


Rich - Epilepsy Action

Submitted by rich on


I am running in the race and would like to drive, but am struggling to get a view of the road closures.

Is this information available ?



Submitted by Adam Harvey on

Hi Adam. Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve passed this onto our events team and they’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Submitted by Events@Epilepsy... on

Can you sign up for this race in the day?

Submitted by James Ellis on

Hi James,

No, unfortunately not. We are almost out of places, so if you're looking to sign up - do it quick!


Rich - Epilepsy Action

Submitted by rich on

I don't seem to have got my race pack can you let me know what to do?
Thanks Rob

Submitted by Robert Demaine on

Lovely day even though a bit rainy. Have you thought about engaging with Bradford upper schools and getting more of the city's young people engaging with the race? You could offer some free entries and ask the young people to fundraise for Epilepsy Action. Just an idea.

Submitted by Sarah on

Hi Sarah, thank you for getting in touch. We’re pleased to hear that you enjoyed the event. Thank you for your suggestion regarding engaging schools in Bradford. We’ll certainly add it in to our discussions when planning for 2018. If you do have any other feedback you can contact the events team directly on events@epilepsy.org.uk.

Submitted by Carl-Epilepsy Action on

Hi Sarah, thank you for getting in touch. We’re pleased to hear that you enjoyed the event. Thank you for your suggestion regarding engaging schools in Bradford. We’ll certainly add it in to our discussions when planning for 2018. If you do have any other feedback you can contact the events team directly on events@epilepsy.org.uk.”

Submitted by Carl-Epilepsy Action on

I've had a fab day today, thanks for everyone!
I just couldn't stop smiling all the way ...

Submitted by Szilvia Szendrei on

Hi Szilvia, thank you for your great comments about the event. We’re delighted you enjoyed it. Well done!

Submitted by Carl-Epilepsy Action on

I completed the Bradford 10k today. However, I was wondering whether you could explain why the event was advertised with a lower case 'b' for 'Bradford'.

Submitted by K.K.Patel on

Thank you for getting in touch. I hope you enjoyed taking part yesterday. The lower case ‘b’ in the event name is purely a stylistic decision based on the charity’s branding. We only use this style in logos and main headings. If you have any other queries about the event you can contact the events team directly on events@epilepsy.org.uk

Submitted by Carl-Epilepsy Action on

Hi. Just checking, does the race start at 9am? What time is best to arrive?

Submitted by Kate Reed on

Hi Kate, the race starts at 9am and the aerobic warm up is at 8.40am. Please be aware that the affected roads will be closed to traffic at 8.15am so please bear this in mind when planning your route. If you have any other questions, please contact the events team at events@epilepsy.org.uk or call 0113 210 8800.  

Submitted by rich on

Hi, am I able to use headphones during this race?


Submitted by R. Gangulu on

For safety reasons it is not permitted to wear in ear or over ear headphones while taking part. In line with UK Athletics advice, bone conducting headphones are permitted.

Submitted by rich on

Are there any plans to postpone if,as per current forecast, it snows all night Saturday and into Sunday?

Submitted by Julia on

Thank you for getting in touch.


We are monitoring the forecasts closely at the moment. Based on the current forecasts we are planning for the event to go ahead as planned.


If this changes at any point, we will let you know at the earliest opportunity.

Submitted by rich on

No one can control the weather but thank you for the prompt action and the 3 choices for runners clear and early information is all we can ask and you can do so thank you for the great work see you on 29th April

Submitted by Andy Tams on

Hi will you be re-opening entries for the new date? I wasn't available for tomorrow but would be interested in running the new date.

Submitted by Mike Peel on

Hi Mike,

We will have more information to share next week regarding registration re-opening. Keep an eye out!


Epilepsy Action

Submitted by rich on

Will any cancelled places bd released and is there a waiting list

Submitted by Heather Dowling on

Hi Heather,

We will have more information to share about re-opening registration next week. Please keep a look out!


Epilepsy Action

Submitted by rich on

Hi, are there places still available in the race on its new date for people who were not entered to run today? Or will this depend on whether you get returns? Thanks

Submitted by Sarah on

Hi Sarah,

We will have more information to share this week.

Rich - Epilepsy Action

Submitted by rich on