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Children with epilepsy

These pages are about children with epilepsy in the UK. If you are looking for information about children with epilepsy in another country, please contact your local epilepsy organisation.

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Around one in 240 children under 16 in the UK has epilepsy. With a few sensible precautions, most will be able to do the things other children can do.  However, some children have more complex epilepsy and need specialist help and support. This information will tell you about some of the issues that affect children with epilepsy, and where you can go for any help or support you need.

You may also like to take part in research into the management of childhood epilepsy within the family. 

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This resource is freely available as part of Epilepsy Action’s commitment to improving life for all those affected by epilepsy.

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Epilepsy Action would like to thank Bernie Concannon, paediatric specialist nurse in epilepsy, Birmingham Children’s Hospital for her contribution. Bernie Concannon has declared no conflict of interest.

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My little girl is only 5 she has partial seizures , tonic clinic seizures and complex partial seizures we have gone from episenta to carbomazipine which I haven't given her yet as my friend who's an adult takes them for stress and she doesnt know what day it is when she's taken them so how do you justify giving a 5 year old 4 x the dose what an adult takes ? I'm fed up

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