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Medical ID products

If you want to let people know that you have epilepsy, for example in case you have a seizure when out, there are a number of products that can help.

Epilepsy Action does not endorse any of the companies or products listed on this page.

ID jewellery

Medical ID jewellery usually has the internationally recognised 'snake and staff' medical symbol. This alerts medical staff to the presence of a medical condition. Some types of ID jewellery can be engraved with the information of your choice, while some include space for paper inserts. Some ID jewellery companies offer a 24 hour helpline service, for which you pay an annual subscription charge. This allows people responding to you in an emergency to call the number on the jewellery to get further details about you and your epilepsy.

Here are some companies that supply ID jewellery. We’ve included prices as a guide only, and they may change.

Allergy Lifestyle
Tel: 0203 2873771
Website: allergylifestyle.com
Wristbands, bracelets and pendants. Prices start at £5.95 for a simple rubber wristband.

The MedicAlert Foundation
Tel: 01908 951045
Website: medicalert.org.uk
Wristbands, bracelets and necklaces in a variety of styles and materials. Prices start at £15.95 for jewellery, plus £32 a year for the helpline service.

Tel: 0121 200 1616
Website: medi-tag.co.uk
Bracelets, necklaces and watches. Prices start at £39.95 for jewellery, plus £32 a year for the helpline service (first year is free).

Tel: 01483 271817
Website: www.onelifeid.com
Wristbands, ID cards and ‘dog tags’. Also sell tags that can be slotted onto your existing watch strap. People responding in an emergency can access more details about you using a secure online profile. Prices start at £4.99 for ID cards and £14.00 for wristbands. No helpline service.

SOS Talisman
Tel: 020 8554 5579
Website: sostalisman.co.uk
Contains strips that you can put information on. No helpline service. Prices start at £31.20.

Tel: 0845 5578 336
Website: tap2tag.me
Wristbands, key fobs, cards and GPS trackers. All devices have a built-in electronic chip that stores your medical information. Someone responding to you in an emergency can access your information by tapping their mobile phone against the device. Prices start at £5.49. Use the discount code EPACT8 to receive a 10% discount. Tap2Tag will make a donation of £1.00 to Epilepsy Action for every wristband sold.

Universal Medical ID
Tel: 0800 055 6504
Website: universalmedicalid.co.uk
Wristbands, bracelets and necklaces. Prices start at £17.99 plus £4.50 for engraving. No helpline service.

MEkey USB ICE tag
Tel: 0114 231 6135
Website: mekeyicetag.com
USB memory device built into a ‘dog tag’, wristband, ID card or keyring. The device lets you store your personal details, emergency contacts and medical information for use in emergencies. Prices start at £19.

ID cards

Medical ID cards can be carried in your pocket and wallet, and be printed with information about you, your epilepsy and what to do in an emergency. Or they can be ones that you fill in the details yourself. You can get a free epilepsy ID card from Epilepsy Action. Alternatively, contact one of the stockists below, or type ‘medical ID card’ into a search engine for more stockists.

Tel: 0845 603 4604
Website: medipal.org.uk
Plastic credit-card-style card printed with your medical information. Prices start at £7.99.

Ice Card
Website: icecard.co.uk
Cards and keyring tags with space to write your details. Prices start at £4.99.

Website: yellowcross.co.uk
ID cards and medical translation cards to tell people about your epilepsy in other languages. Prices start at £5.99.

Using your smartphone to tell people about your epilepsy.

Some smartphones have a feature allowing people to access the medical information of your choice from the phone’s lock screen, without having to unlock the phone. This allows anyone helping you in an emergency to check your medical information.

The Apple support webpage has instructions on how to set this up on an iPhone. For other types of smartphone you may need to download an app. To find one that works on your phone, search for ‘medical ID app’ in your phone’s app store.

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