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Helmets, headgear and other safety aids

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Protective headgear

Protective headgear can be helpful if you need to protect your head during seizures.

In the UK, your hospital consultant can prescribe protective headgear on the NHS, if they feel it is appropriate. You can also buy protective headgear privately. Here is a list of stockists.

Abilitymatters Direct
Tel: 0800 072 3122
Website: abilitymattersdirect.co.uk

Tel: 01622 858 502
No website

Evolution Healthcare
Tel: 028 8772 7855
Website: evolutionhealthcare.co.uk

Health and Care
Tel: 020 7720 2266
Website: healthandcare.co.uk

Tel: 01626 835 552
Website: smirthwaite.co.uk

Thudguard (helmets for infants only)
Tel: 0777 898 6405
Website: thudguard.com

Safety pillows (anti-suffocation pillows)

Safety pillows have small holes. They may help you breathe more easily than a normal pillow if you are lying face down when having a seizure.

Charities that supply free safety pillows

Epilepsy Lifestyle
Tel: 07596 511870
Website: epilepsylifestyle.org.uk

Epilepsy sucks
Facebook page: facebook.com/Epilepsy.UK

Stockists that sell safety pillows

Sleep-Safe Products
Tel: 0777 3619 552
Website: sleep-safe.co.uk

Tel: 0800 246 1939
Website: telmenow.com

Pram security

Pram security systems can stop a pram or pushchair rolling away, if you let go of the handle during a seizure.

Tel: 0845 1300 456
Website: remap.org.uk
Can supply pram security lanyard, which attaches the pram to the person pushing it.

Phil and Teds Sport pushchair
Website: philandteds.com/uk
Pushchair with built-in safety brake to stop it rolling away if you let go of the handle.

Seizure alert dogs

Seizure alert dogs are trained to detect oncoming seizures and alert you so you have time to make yourself safe.

Support Dogs
Tel: 0114 261 7800
Website: supportdogs.org.uk

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I tried contacting the charity that supplies free safety pillows but cannot get hold of them, this website is really useful

Submitted by Jenny Brown on

Tried the link for epilepsy sucks uk but unable to gain access to the site without a password.

Submitted by Michelle Harwood on

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