Epilepsy medical ID products

Medical ID products can help if you want to let people know that you have epilepsy. This can be especially useful if you have a seizure when you are out.

You can get a free epilepsy ID card from Epilepsy Action. We list other options below.

Medical ID bracelet

ID bracelets and jewellery

Medical ID jewellery can alert medical staff to the fact you have a medical condition. Some types of ID jewellery can be engraved with the information of your choice, while some include space for paper inserts.

Some ID jewellery companies offer a 24 hour helpline service, but you pay an annual subscription charge. This allows people responding to you in an emergency to call the number on the jewellery to get further details about you and your epilepsy.

Here are some companies that supply ID jewellery. We’ve included prices as a guide only, and they may change.

Epilepsy Action cannot recommend any of the companies or products listed on this page and there may be other products and stockists on the market.

Medical ID Jewellery

Medical ID and 24 hour helpline service

  • MedicAlert UK - Registered charity

    Medical ID jewellery in a variety of styles and materials.

    Membership costs £36 per year, which includes a 24-hour helpline service and wallet ID card. Jewellery starts from £9.95. Financial support is available for children and people having financial difficulties.

    Epilepsy Action members get a 20% discount off MedicAlert membership and jewellery.

    Tel: 01908 951 045

    Visit their website: www.medicalert.org.uk

  • Medi-Tag

    Bracelets, necklaces and watches.

    Prices start at £51.95 for jewellery, plus £10 joining fee and £27-32 a year for the helpline service (first year is free).

    Tel: 0121 200 1616

    Visit their website: medi-tag.co.uk

Using your mobile phone to tell people about your epilepsy

Some phones have a feature allowing people to access the medical information of your choice from the phone’s lock screen, without having to unlock the phone. This allows anyone helping you in an emergency to check your medical information.

For other types of phone, you may need to download an app. To find one that works on your phone, search for ‘medical ID app’ in your phone’s app store.

ID cards

Medical ID cards can be carried in your pocket and wallet. Some can be printed with information about you, your epilepsy and what to do in an emergency.

Others are blank and you can fill in the details yourself.


Tel: 07815 935 147

Plastic credit-card-style card printed with your medical information. Prices start at £7.99.

Ice Card

Cards and keyring tags with space to write your details. Prices start at £4.99.

Download a printable ID card

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Published: August 2023
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