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Travel insurance

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Epilepsy Action works with Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd to offer a quality travel insurance policy for people with epilepsy, which includes cover for epilepsy related incidents.

Cover includes

  • No upper age limit
  • Kids go free
  • Medical and repatriation
  • Personal belongings and baggage
  • Scheduled airline failure

This is an exclusive product for InsureandGo in association with Epilepsy Action and is not available through the main InsureandGo telephone number or website.


You must have lived in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland for at least six of the last twelve months. You must be in the UK when you buy the cover.

There is no upper age limit. There are restrictions of the length of time you can travel if you are aged 66 or over at the time you bought the policy.

Getting a quote

Call our dedicated team at InsureandGo on 0844 888 3380 from Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm, Saturday to Sunday 9am to 5.30pm (all UK times) or get a quote online.

InsureandGo will make a donation to Epilepsy Action for every policy taken out.

Members of Epilepsy Action can get a 10 per cent discount on the base rate of the travel insurance policy (before any additional premiums for pre-existing health conditions have been applied). When you call, please be sure to mention that you are a member and quote your membership number to get the discount. Please note that this discount is not available online.

Not a member yet? Join now for just £20 standard UK membership (international and concessionary rates available).

Our partnership with InsureandGo

Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Services Authority (Firm Reference Number 309572).

Any offer of insurance, and the premium charged, remains a commercial decision based on a calculation of risk by InsureandGo and their underwriters. This will include factors associated with your epilepsy.

Contacting InsureandGo does not guarantee an offer of insurance. Epilepsy Action cannot take responsibility for the cover of a policy or the outcomes of any claims.

Pay it forward

This resource is freely available as part of Epilepsy Action’s commitment to improving life for all those affected by epilepsy.

On average it costs £414 to produce an advice and information page – if you have valued using this resource, please text FUTURE to 70500 to donate £3 towards the cost of our future work. Terms and conditions. Thank you

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We tried to get an annual family travel insurance with Insure&Go after seeing their affiliation with Epilepsy Action. Unfortunately,they don't cover my daughter's Dravet Syndrome (age 3).

Submitted by Antonis on

I have just tried to get a quote with this insurance company and they would not insure me! im 25 and average 3 fits per week.
there are other companies that have agreed to insure me but as I don't work with my condition I cant afford these extra added amounts.
how do people manage to go on holiday with these prices for insurance?

Submitted by kerry on

Hi Kerry

You may find travel insurance policies from other companies will cover you, but beware of cheap policies because they may not cover anything to do with your epilepsy. The Insure&Go policy is different in that it is designed to cover seizures as well.

Without further details it is difficult to know for sure, but a high number of seizures, medications, any unexpected hospitalisations and even your destination can bump up the cost of travel insurance – in some cases making it simply too expensive for the underwriters to consider.

While we work with Insure&Go to help them understand the needs of people with epilepsy, it remains a commercial business, based on a calculation of risk. If you would like to email me your contact details, I can get feedback from Insure&Go for you.

Laura Bennett

Submitted by Laura@Epilepsy ... on

tried insure & go for my wife who has Epilepsy, but after filling in the online form and medical screening all I got was this:

Sorry we are not able to provide cover for your condition(s) online. Please give us a call, where an agent may be able to help you with an alternative product.

So not much help there??

Submitted by joe on

I think you may have come to a full stop because of applying on line. If you ring our designated number, you should get someone who has had epilepsy awareness training. Every insurance company has to calculate premiums according to risks, so there is no guarantee that anyone will be able to give you a quote if the level of risk is too high. But we would always advise you to shop around.

The Insure and Go designated number is 0844 888 3380. If you are a member of Epilepsy Action you get 10% off the base rate.

Hope that helps.

Submitted by Cherry on

I am about to take out travel insurance and I was curious why Epilepsy Action , out of lots of possible companies, has chosen insureandgo. Any info on that?

Submitted by John587 on

I have epilepsy and other health conditions. I have had problems getting insurance cover for a 5 day holiday in Iceland. I have no hospitalisations. I was pleased that Insure and Go have given me a policy. It is more expensive because of my health conditions, but I do understand they have taken me on as an extra risk that other companies would not and they have to cover for that risk.

Submitted by Jane on

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